Monday, October 19, 2009


I hope thats spelled right. It meens Fall Break! I know I mentioned it already. My break was sooo nice:) For the first half we were in a little town in north west Jutland called Blokhus. On the map you see 3 main bodies of land. The three parts of Denmark. The 2 to the right are islands. I live on the east coast of the island on the right side. In english it's called Zealand. The part thats not an island (on the left side) is Jutland, which borders germany in the south (not in this picture. haha) Were we stayed was in the north west part of Jutland.
On the way over we stopped for lunch at one of Mor's friends houses on Fyn, the middle part of Denmark. Is was nice to be able to stop because now I can say I've been there and not just driven through. All in all I think it took us about 4 hours to get to Blokhus (were we stayed) We stayed at a hotel type place but there were a lot of seprate buildings and we had our own kitchen. So we made dinner every night just like at home. The place was right on the beach. The beach was BIG and beautiful with sand duns and people driving cars all over. And the sun set over the ocean every night. It was nice, but freezing cold. You wouldn't think of swimming. But they had a nice indoor pool so we were in there a lot. They had table tennis too and I must say I think I've improved my skills this past week. We did that ALOT. We all played a lot of cards to together too. The trip was great bonding time :) On the way home we got to see Århus, the main city in Jutland. We went to a place called "den gamlle by" It meens, the old town. It's a collection of really old danish buildings that they moved into one area. It's not that exciting if your comming from Køge (it looked like our town. haha) but it was a fun thing to do.

When we got home Simon and I were off to a party that same night. And the next day I finally got to use that canoe thing I won. It was me, Simon, Ramus, and Sigurd. We got up at 10 in the morning and went cannoeing (?) in the freezing rain. Yes it really was freezing rain. We spent most of the time under bridges :D It was cold. But just really dumb fun, you know? And we got free lunch after :)

The rest of the the break we just relaxed, I went to some parties, studied some danish, and slept :)

And today is monday, break is over, and I had such a good day today!!! It started with a long awaited meeting at Solrød Gymnasium. I'm switching to that school! It was so cool walking in and seeing how nice and "un-grade schoolish" it was. There were no little kids, no screeming, no running, and it was fancy and bigger and better! I got a list of my classes and I even met some kids I know that go there. I'm very excited to start but.....I don't start till next monday. This week I'm going to farming school :) It's one of those "bridge building" things with 10 klasse. I decided it's not something I want to miss. How often do you get a chance to spend a week at farming school?! come on! After my meeting at Solrød, Far took me to the farming school and when he dropped me off he said "have fun, it your first and last time to do this." And from there I was sooo happy. After getting to see Solrød and knowing that was ahead for me, and then walking into this "farming school" where I knew no one and nothing about, I just felt good, off to do another random thing in Denmark. I felt refreshed and ready and confident, and I had such a good day. I met new people with ease. And in Danish! I was sooo surprised at myself. It's the most Danish I've ever spoken. In fact I think I said 2 sentences in english the whole day, and I talked a lot! I had a hard time switching over to english at the beginning of this blog! It's by far the most fluent I've ever felt (but still far from it) The hard work is paying off :) I really think I'll learn a lot of Danish this week. Becuase I met these people in Danish we speek in Danish. It's wierd but...english just doesn't seem like an option when I'm with them. It's a really good thing!
Today we got a tour of the farm and school. The kids who go to this school live there! they each have there own rooms too, with a bed, and desk, and belcony, even their own showers. They eat really good there too. The whole place reminded me of a much smaller, much more modurn Hogwarts :) The kids who go there are kind of like family, they eat together, they have a nice big common room, and when they're not in class they "rome the grounds" The main loby felt more like a big living room than anything. I wont talk to much about the school, I'll save it for my next blog. But here's my timeline until I blog again:

- the rest of the school week at the farm school!
- white water rafting in sewden over the weekend!
- my first few days at Solrød Gymnasium!

The next one's gonna be good :)

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