Saturday, October 10, 2009

I've Got Some News...

So after a long time of leaving this little "problem" out of my blog I'd like to say....I'm switching schools! The class I'm in right now is called 10 klasse. I wrote about it a long time ago way at the start of my blog. The thing is that it's just to....pointless. I don't feel like I'm in school enough. And when I am in school we don't get much of anything done. I came here with the impresion that school was going to be really hard here. I was mentally prepared for it and now I just feel....lame. I feel dumb being tired becuase I don't do anything taxing (except language school)
and when I go out and have fun I don't feel like I earned it.....It's difficult to explain. but any way. I've talked with AFS and my host family about it and they found a place for me at Solrød Gymnasium :) The one in Køge is full so I'll have to take a train to school but thats OK with me. I have a meeting at the school on Monday but I don't know exactly when I will start school there. Right now, as of yesterday, we are on efterårsferie! ( fall break) So nothing can really be done with the school right now....but I'll wait :)

In the morning we're all going to Jutland! Mors sister has an apartment in a little town in north western Jutland that they use for vacationing. It's right on the water and I've been told the beaches are really beautiful there so I'm excited. Simon and Anne say there's not much to do up there, but It'll be nice. They have a pool and table tennis and we'll be there for 3 days. I'm looking forward to it.

Lastley: you might be wondering how my danish is coming along. We're 10 days into October and I havn't writen at all about my atempts at speaking ALL dainsh at the start of this month. It's very hard! I'll be honest and say I'm slightly failing, but still improving a lot. Even though I use english still when I need to, I think It's safe to say that it's finally more danish than english, especially around the house. And there are A LOT of things I never say in english. It's just automaticly danish with some words and prases that I happen to use a lot. Simple danish conversation is also become much less foriegn to me. I can uderstand a lot when people are talking and I don't translate it in my head anymore. And we're reading books in language school! They're ment for people who are learning danish so that not very hard but still, I don't read baby books anymore. They're are no pictures and I still know what going on! I whipped through 2 books last week, each about 50 pages (haha) Reading is the easiest part becuase the words are right there in front of you. You dont have to try to say them and you don't have to make sure you heard right. I'm working hard! Learning a second language the way I am (living with it) is really fun and really rewarding. I'm lucky to get to do it. And there's not gonna be a day were I just say "hey! I'm fluent now!" With certain conversations I have (when I'm lucky) I feel like I already am fluent becuase I can understand and comunicate back easily. But I'm not even close to being able to say everything I want to.I'll be learning all the way up to the day I leave. There will be no crossing over, just building up from here :)

So, I'm off to a family birthday party but I'll blog again when I get back from Jutland. Hopfully by than I'll be able to say more about my school situation, and I'll have pictures from our trip.


Anonymous said...

I like that you have the guts to challenge yourself. You'll be better off for it. That doesn't mean that you might not be cursing the decision in a month when you have all of this homework.

Pat Geraghty

Joe Cavanaugh said...

haha. ya, and in danish!