Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hello. I just thought I'd give an update again while I have time. Last weekend was pretty full as well. On friday night we had a Gymnasium party at my school, Solrød, and the theme was black and white. There are 3 AFS exchange students who go to Solrød and Lenart from germany, got two more in so there were 5 of us foreigners. We hung out with friends from my class and they had fun meeting all these exchange students. We had a really fun time and I went to an after party for my class after that. It was nice being together with all of them outside of school. We don't do that very often. I'm going to miss patrys at the gymnasium. They are WAY better than high school dances.

On friday I went with Zenia to a birthday party for somone in her class. Zenia's danish and she was in Michigan on exchnage a few years ago. It's really cool to have met someone who lived in my state! We hung out last weekend too. It's always fun :)
Today is Wednesday and I wasn't in school. I was at another school instead, in a city called Høje Taastrop, close to Copenhagen. About a week ago an english teacher from the business school over there, called me and asked if I could come in and talk to the students about the USA. And I said, ya. I went in this morning and stayed till lunch. I gave two presentaions and answered a bunch of their questions. I did it in English (becuase it was and english class) but then they wanted to here my danish when they found out I could speak it so the questiond were kind of a mix. It's become so hard to speak well and give good explanations in English that it's not even funny. The only reason I was nervous was becuase I had to give the presentation in english! It seems like it should be the other way around.ahaha. Anyways, It was a really good experience. And wants a got started it went pretty smoothly...I think. Every time there was a break I went down to the teachers lounge with the teacher I was with and we talked to other teachers and drank cofee. haha. They treated me like a guest speaker or something. I mean, I was...but I'm the same age as the students, so It was kinda funny. It's was a good, and fun thing to do. And I like standing up there in front of the class...Maybe I'll want to be a teacher now...(?) haha. I went and got a hair cut after I was back in Køge. It's pretty short, but not buzzed again. I don't like having a lot of hair, and It's actually pretty hot today, so I'm preparing my head for summer :)
In a few hours I'm going to the first day of modual 5 language school. I had my modual 4 test last week and passed, so I'm now on the last modual. If I pass the next test, (in June) it will mean a lot, and maybe help me towards collage. And if I ever wanted to live in Denamrk again, study maybe... (?).. It would make comming back 10 times easier. But in general, I just want to be able to say I passed!
Here's a bad picture of Køge Station I took last weekend. You can't really see much, but I'm there every day , so there you go :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Picking up the Pace

I was pretty busy last weekend! It started on friday, which was the queens 70th birthday. I didn't have real school that day. It was an exam day (not an importiant one) for math. I went in from 9 to 11 and then went straight to Copenhagen. I met Bow on the train. I couldn't get anyone else to come beacuse they were all still in school! But every year on the queens birthday she comes out on her belcony and waves to all the people who wave danish flags and cheer. I didn't want to miss that. But when we got into Copenhagen there was a big news screen on the street showing an overview of where the queen lives. There were soooo many people. We could see that the crowed went out and all the way down the street. If we walked over there we wouldn't have been able to see anything. So we stayed where we were knowing that in an hour she would be comming through in her carriage and walk into the city hall right behind us. So we ate Burger King while we waited :) Then all the guests started comming into the building. We watched and saw Prince Frederik and Princess Mary go in and then the queen herself. But right before that happend there was a guy that fell off his horse right in front of us. The ambulance came and everything. That was a pretty eventfull trip.

Fred and Mary

The queen, in the blue

I orginally didn't have plans for friday night, but ended up going to hang out with some new friends:) That was fun. But then I was up "early" Saturday morning to go to Næstved. I met Andy on the train but sadly we arn't the best at planning stuff, becuase there was no one to meet us at the station when we got off. They were all still in bed! Kelsi from New Zealand said she would come down in like, an hour and a half. So Andy and I just walked around and hung out in the library. When Kelsi came we went to see a movie. I thought it would be fun to see "Kick Ass" but we saw "Lovley Bones" instead, which was also pretty good.
Hilary came after that and the 4 of us desided to head back to Køge, to my house. My host parents were in Germany last weekend and they said I could have a little party if I wanted. We went food shopping when we got to Køge. We made tacos and drank red wine with it. haha. It was so funny. Just the 4 of us making dinner and eating it by candel light, drinking our cheep wine. Very "grown up"

Simon was having some friends over that night too, so we just all hung out till really late and everyone slept on the floor at out house :) The next morning The 4 of us walked back to the stataion. Hilary and Kelsi went back to Næstved, and Andy and I went the other way...We were going to the beach! something we had planed for a while with the Køge exchangies. It was NOT warm. But we had a fun time acting like it was summer. haha. Jason and I went swimming! Trying to make up for never going "winter bathing" when I said so many times that I was going to. there is a video and Facebook if you have me as a "friend". Besides that we just layed around eating chips and taking pictures. I got a realllllly good one. (the one at the bottom)

So, like I said it was a packed weekend. And I'm completley booked for this next weekend too! And I'm staring to fill up these next 2 months with a bunch of stuff as well. I bunch of things I tell myself I need to do. I can feel that the best part of this year is gonna be these last few months :) So look forward to some good posts...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"The Fame"

Hello. I'm back! I've been soooo busy sence my last blog post. It would have litteraly been impossible to write again before now. The musical that I'm in, and have mentioned a few times, just ended last night. It was called, "The Fame", and no, not FAME like the movie, but it has a similar story line. It was written by our director and one of the other people in charge, and It's about a danish "high school" full of rich kids who spend money and party all the time. Then a bunch of stuff goes wrong and theres a bunch of fighting, drama, and sad people and loooove. I played "Jones". He's friends with another kid, Jack, and has a love interest, Zoe. Our story was kind of of the side. There was a lot going on in this musical! Now that it's all over, It's cool to think I did a play in another language, and a had a pretty good sized part :) It was a lot of fun, but a LOT of work the last few weeks. I can't remeber the last time I was home for dinner. It's crazy. Our Easter break was 2 weeks ago and we had rehersal almost EVERY day. Even easter Sunday! I don't even really feel like Easter even happend here with all thats been going on, and I had a birthday too! Most days we were there working on it for 10 hours! But there was one day were it didn't start until 4pm :) So I went to Copenhagen with some of the Køge exchange students. Bow, Nut, and Jason. It was so nice to actually get out and do something during break. I got up kinda early and took the train into Copenhagen to meet the others. We didn't have any plans. We just walked around A LOT trying to get better at finding our way around, and just had a really fun time. We had Thai (?) food for lunch that day. That was amazing!!! I havn't had food with any kind of "kick" for a long time. mmmm. I want more. There's a big walking street in Copenhagen with all kinds of stores. We all saw people we knew there. I didn't realize how popular it was to shop there for people that live all the way down in Køge, but it is. It's crazy how often you see people you know in Denmark. They are everywere. It's kinda funny.

It was a really nice sunny day, and spring is finally real spring. I'm really gonna miss the freedom I have to just do stuff like that when I get home. You can't just take the train into the city were I live. And Copenhagen is so beautiful. I'll never get used to how cool it is. Whenever I go there, no matter how many times it's been, I can't help but think about how lucky I am :)

So after that little trip it was back to Tapperiet (were we put on our musical) were everyone involved lived for the next 4 or 5 day, going home only to sleep, and wake up again. Even though it made me really tired and there were some days were I didn't want to be there, all and all It was really fun. I have a fun time with all the people there. And we spent so much time together!

Our only day off was Saturday, and that was not a restfull day for me, but it was very fun :) That was the day Anne and I had our family birthday party. My host mom made a huge danish layer cake and we had really good dinner too. And I got a bunch of giftes :) that day went to fast, then it was back to "The Fame" for the last day of break.

When school started again last Monday I would go straight from school to musical. It was the same on Tuesday, then on Wednesday we opened :) We were all soo tired by that point but we pretended to have energy. haha. Then came Thursday, my really birthday!!! I turned 17. when I got to the theater they took out a huge cake and all sang the danish happy birthday song. It was really nice, and the cake was awesome!

The show went really well that night. And my host parents came that night too. And a bunch of my awesome exchange student friends, who hade secretly bought me some birthday presents that day we were in Copenhagen. I met them after and they gave them to me. I had I great birthday. It was very unique, and extreamly differn't then any birthday I've had before. But also really weird. I'm a twin, so I've never had a birthday all to my slef. It was so weird having a cake and a day and all that, just for me. I actully think a prefer sharing my birthday. It's so much more fun to be able enjoy it with someone and just say, ya, it's OUR birthday. I don't know. Anyways, I'm 17 now. "16 years old" was by far the fastest thing I've ever experienced. hah.

Friday was the last performance. It went well. Simon and Anders (my host brothers) came that night. After the show we cleaned up a little, then started our after party, which was not until midnight, so we were up late/early! The place where we put on "the Fame" has a cafe with a bar. And everything was free!! We were all extremley tired but it was really fun anyways of corse.

Most of us just slept there. We had to come a 10:00am this morning anyways to finish cleaning up the place. We were done with that around 12:00. then it was just kinda strange...after 2 weeks of doing nothing but "The Fame", and at least one week sences our last day off, it was over. We went OUTSIDE into the SUN, and just sat around eating icecream and saying goodbye. It was reallly sunny and almost warm!

Now I'm sitting at home....with free time. So as soon as I'm done with this I'm gonna go lay down and watch one of those movies I got for my birthday :)mmmm. and eat some real food that people make in a house:) mmmm. goodbye!

P.S. - a very normal thing to come across in Denmark , or in Køge at least. lock you bikes! or people will throw them in the river!