Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Picking up the Pace

I was pretty busy last weekend! It started on friday, which was the queens 70th birthday. I didn't have real school that day. It was an exam day (not an importiant one) for math. I went in from 9 to 11 and then went straight to Copenhagen. I met Bow on the train. I couldn't get anyone else to come beacuse they were all still in school! But every year on the queens birthday she comes out on her belcony and waves to all the people who wave danish flags and cheer. I didn't want to miss that. But when we got into Copenhagen there was a big news screen on the street showing an overview of where the queen lives. There were soooo many people. We could see that the crowed went out and all the way down the street. If we walked over there we wouldn't have been able to see anything. So we stayed where we were knowing that in an hour she would be comming through in her carriage and walk into the city hall right behind us. So we ate Burger King while we waited :) Then all the guests started comming into the building. We watched and saw Prince Frederik and Princess Mary go in and then the queen herself. But right before that happend there was a guy that fell off his horse right in front of us. The ambulance came and everything. That was a pretty eventfull trip.

Fred and Mary

The queen, in the blue

I orginally didn't have plans for friday night, but ended up going to hang out with some new friends:) That was fun. But then I was up "early" Saturday morning to go to Næstved. I met Andy on the train but sadly we arn't the best at planning stuff, becuase there was no one to meet us at the station when we got off. They were all still in bed! Kelsi from New Zealand said she would come down in like, an hour and a half. So Andy and I just walked around and hung out in the library. When Kelsi came we went to see a movie. I thought it would be fun to see "Kick Ass" but we saw "Lovley Bones" instead, which was also pretty good.
Hilary came after that and the 4 of us desided to head back to Køge, to my house. My host parents were in Germany last weekend and they said I could have a little party if I wanted. We went food shopping when we got to Køge. We made tacos and drank red wine with it. haha. It was so funny. Just the 4 of us making dinner and eating it by candel light, drinking our cheep wine. Very "grown up"

Simon was having some friends over that night too, so we just all hung out till really late and everyone slept on the floor at out house :) The next morning The 4 of us walked back to the stataion. Hilary and Kelsi went back to Næstved, and Andy and I went the other way...We were going to the beach! something we had planed for a while with the Køge exchangies. It was NOT warm. But we had a fun time acting like it was summer. haha. Jason and I went swimming! Trying to make up for never going "winter bathing" when I said so many times that I was going to. there is a video and Facebook if you have me as a "friend". Besides that we just layed around eating chips and taking pictures. I got a realllllly good one. (the one at the bottom)

So, like I said it was a packed weekend. And I'm completley booked for this next weekend too! And I'm staring to fill up these next 2 months with a bunch of stuff as well. I bunch of things I tell myself I need to do. I can feel that the best part of this year is gonna be these last few months :) So look forward to some good posts...

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