Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hello. I just thought I'd give an update again while I have time. Last weekend was pretty full as well. On friday night we had a Gymnasium party at my school, Solrød, and the theme was black and white. There are 3 AFS exchange students who go to Solrød and Lenart from germany, got two more in so there were 5 of us foreigners. We hung out with friends from my class and they had fun meeting all these exchange students. We had a really fun time and I went to an after party for my class after that. It was nice being together with all of them outside of school. We don't do that very often. I'm going to miss patrys at the gymnasium. They are WAY better than high school dances.

On friday I went with Zenia to a birthday party for somone in her class. Zenia's danish and she was in Michigan on exchnage a few years ago. It's really cool to have met someone who lived in my state! We hung out last weekend too. It's always fun :)
Today is Wednesday and I wasn't in school. I was at another school instead, in a city called Høje Taastrop, close to Copenhagen. About a week ago an english teacher from the business school over there, called me and asked if I could come in and talk to the students about the USA. And I said, ya. I went in this morning and stayed till lunch. I gave two presentaions and answered a bunch of their questions. I did it in English (becuase it was and english class) but then they wanted to here my danish when they found out I could speak it so the questiond were kind of a mix. It's become so hard to speak well and give good explanations in English that it's not even funny. The only reason I was nervous was becuase I had to give the presentation in english! It seems like it should be the other way around.ahaha. Anyways, It was a really good experience. And wants a got started it went pretty smoothly...I think. Every time there was a break I went down to the teachers lounge with the teacher I was with and we talked to other teachers and drank cofee. haha. They treated me like a guest speaker or something. I mean, I was...but I'm the same age as the students, so It was kinda funny. It's was a good, and fun thing to do. And I like standing up there in front of the class...Maybe I'll want to be a teacher now...(?) haha. I went and got a hair cut after I was back in Køge. It's pretty short, but not buzzed again. I don't like having a lot of hair, and It's actually pretty hot today, so I'm preparing my head for summer :)
In a few hours I'm going to the first day of modual 5 language school. I had my modual 4 test last week and passed, so I'm now on the last modual. If I pass the next test, (in June) it will mean a lot, and maybe help me towards collage. And if I ever wanted to live in Denamrk again, study maybe... (?).. It would make comming back 10 times easier. But in general, I just want to be able to say I passed!
Here's a bad picture of Køge Station I took last weekend. You can't really see much, but I'm there every day , so there you go :)

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