Sunday, May 9, 2010

School is almost over!

Whatsss up?? I actually just had to look through the pictures on my camara in order to remember what I've been doing latley. haha. Nothing to out of the ordinary has happend latley. Bow (from thiland) turned 17 last week so I went to her house and we ate thi food and giant icecream cones. It was really good :)

May 1st is a big day in Denmark. My summary of it : "All young people in the country go to Copenhagen and sit in a big park eating, drinking, and listening to live music and political speaches all day long. " I went, and had a really fun time. There were SOO many people. Almost everyone I know (from denmark) was there. I went a group with a friend from my class but we all lost each other eventually! haha. there are so many people that the cell phone lines stop working so you can't call or write to anyone. But it's ok. you just find another group you know and sit down. haha. Sadley I have no pictures of that day. my camara was missing at the time (but i have in now!)

Zenia started teaching me some guitar last week! I can already kinda play "wonder wall". I want to get better and learn more songs before I go home. I've been playing around with our piano a lot too this year so It will be cool to come home and say I can play some piano and guitar when I couldn't play either at all when I left. and Anne has a guitar so I can practice on that :)

Last week was our LAST normal school week!!! Tomorrow startes our first "flex week." 2 weeks were we try to make up for all of the canceld classes throughout the year. But it's not normal school becuase each day only makes up for 1 or 2 subjects. I don't have that many full days ( 8-3pm) and there are some days were I don't have to go in at all!! At the end of those 2 weeks, on May 21st, we have our last school day!!! Which is sooo great, but there is a catch: My last exam isn't until June 22nd. Over here, all the exams are takin after "normal schooling" is over. But even though I will be studying, It's not gonna be anything close to all the time, so I'm gonna be having a lot of free time....too much free time, I'm thinking. So I'm going to work at my old school with the little kids! If you can remeber, at the begining of the year I went to 10klasse at the "Elementary" school. Not really elementry school, it's the school kids go in all the way up until they choose to go to gymnasium or some other higher education. But they have little kids there and I'm going to help I don't know much about it yet but my host mom's been helping me set it up. She said Yoki (one of there old exchange students) did it and had a really fun time. so I hope it will be fun :)

After a few warm days it' been strangley cold latley. Some people are saying it's becuase of the ash from the volcano in Iceland :( I hope not. I want real beach weather by the end of May!

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