Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The first half of Febuary

Hello. Time has gone pretty fast since my last post. I feel like the first 5.5 months or so were like the "climbing up the the mountian" part, and even though it went fast, it was hard. But since I've been more than half way through It's started to feel like I'm jumping off the other side. Which is about 10 times faster than climbing up. It's not really hard anymore, it's just kinda scary; falling off a mountian. I want to just keep falling and falling and never stop...but I want to hit the ground too and go home and see my family and friends. The scary part is the confusion. I'm not split 50-50 on this. All of me wants both! I want time to go fast and slow. I want to think about home and I want to forget about it. And it goes on...

Since the last time I blogged I've been to winter camp with AFS. It was the weekend right after I got home from my stay in Jutland so I was still kinda tired. It was in Nykøbing F. Thats on an Island type thing south of Zealand. I met the Køge exchange students in Køge and we met almost everyone else when we switched trains in Næstved. That was cool becuase I havn't seen most of them since October...and the train we switched to was a double decker!! When we arrived it was dark (of course) and we had to walk from the station to the school we were staying at. That was an AFS momment. I always wonder what it would be like to see us from the "outside" when we do stuff like that. What would you do if you saw a group of 40 people walking down the middle of a street in the dark, carrying luggage, screaming in multiple foreign languages, and trying to hug each other and walk at the same time? You just don't see stuff like that. And then for example the next day were we all walked to a grocery store and looked around as if it were a museum. I'm gonna miss those "AFS moments" haha.

It was a good weekend. It was nice to see everyone again and stay up all night for no reason. It was our last regional camp. Our next AFS camp will be with everyone (just like the first one) on our last few days in Denamrk :( ..... but we've got a while.

Simon cut my hair! I needed a hair cut and I havn't been buzzed since I was 6 or something so I thought it would be fun.
(not done. lol)
I went to a party last weekend together with some of the other exchange students. It was our friend Simone's birthday :)

:::DANISH HOLIDAY::: Valentines day was not just Valentines day this year. It was also festelavn! It's kind of like Halloween but when the kids dress up and go door to door it's becuase they want money, not candy. In the old days they would put a cat in a barrel too. Then they would wack it like a pinata. Now it's full of candy thankfully. They had a little festelavn party at the church by our house. It was interesting.

I've started level 4 language school. But now that I'm looking at my schedule for the musical I dont know how often I'll be able to show up :/ I hope I can stay with it. Langauge school still helps me a lot. But I'm pretty busy. After this week of school we are on winter break and I'm going to Sweden with my host family!! I'm looking forward to that, but of course ,I'll be missing more language school.

....Anyways, I've got some more falling... or jumping or... whatever to do, so I'll see you around :)

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