Monday, March 1, 2010

Winter Break in Sweden

I'm back! and it's March...that was, once again, really fast.

In the 7 months that I've been over here, I've now been lucky enough to go to Sweden 2 times :) The first time was in the fall, and I got to go white water rafting, and this time I got to go skiing (down hill and cross-country) and see winter better than I've ever seen it before. It was a nice trip, And Sweden is a nice place. I thought it was beautiful in the fall but now I would have to say that winter has got to be Sweden's best season. After months of almost no sun, I got to take in DAYS of blue skies. It was really nice, but far from warm. Which is a good thing. Otherwise the snow wouldn't have looked so nice. I fell once skiing, but thats becuase i wasn't looking where I was going. I was looking around me :D

(Yes, I took all those. I just edited some of them)

We stayed at my host dad's sister's house. It took about 9 hours to drive up there from Køge (about half way up in Sweden) but we left a day latter than planned becuase of a snow storm.

My host family has a lot of family in Sweden. When my host dad's sister moved there, she got married and had 4 daughters. So, they have never lived in Denmark. They are all grown and 3 of them have teenage kids (át least 3 each) So thats a lot of Swedish people to visit. It's was weird hearing all that Swidish and being able to understand so much of it. Swidish and Danish a very close (especially written.) There was a lot I couldn't understand but there was so much was similar. When ever we went into a store, we would speak danish to the workers. They would just speak Swidish back and that actually worked! It was cool.

Anyways, I'm keeping this short. It was really nice trip :) When I got home I went to Næstved and had a reallllyyy fun time with some exchange student friends. I came home Saturday morning and Andy came over. We went to a lame musium in Køge and we watched some good movies. He left Sunday and then break was over :( ...But schools fun too.

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Anonymous said...

Joe!!! those pictures are AMAZING!!! to say the least.this all sounds like so much fun, I am unbelievably jealous, miss you, madison