Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hello. Sorry it's been so long. I used to be so motivated to blog and share all the things I'm doing and how I'm feeling and stuff, but now It always feels like a chore. I just havn't had any big insperation for a while. I don't ONLY wan't to talk about what I've been up to. I normally like to let you know how I'm doing too, and how I feel and opinions I have about things. This blog isn't just for people at home. It's r future exchange students and I've been having a hard time comming up with good stuff to write. I read a really good blog last year when I was getting ready to come over here and I couldn't get enough of it. So I feel bad going more than half a month not writing but I just havn't been having the feeling of, "this next post is gonna be good"

I've been in Denmark for 7 months 2 weeks and 3 days and I have 3 months 1 week and 1 day left. I knew that off the top of my head. I can't stop thinking about time. How slow tha days go, but how fast the weeks go, and how I have no idea how long a month should feel, and what I was doing this time last year, and what I'll be doing this time next year. My brain is always in another place and I can't get it to stay HERE. I don't have that much more time so I know I need to stop thinking about everything and just be here but thats really hard. I think about comming home like it's happening tomorrow or next week or somthing. I've still got a bunch of time here.

(......I just re-read that last paragraph. I think you should to. It's a perfect ilustration showing how much I have no idea what I'm talking about. I write: "I don't have that much time left." and then the next sentence, "I've still got a bunch of time here" I honestly didn't do that on purpose. I was just writing down my thoughts. Thats what they look like on paper....)

I'm more than ready for some warmer wether. It's been so cold still every morning. the snow as been taking forever to melt and It's finally almost all gone :) But it's still just bellow or just above freezing every day. It's making me sick! Literally, I stayed home from school today. I've got a lot of stuff I want to do in these next few months but this wether makes it hard. I cant wait for warm!

I'm gonna write a list of things to look forward to. Not all of it is planed but, jsut stuff I want to do before It's ALL OVER.

- Anne/Joe, Family Birthday Party (April 3rd)
- My musical! (April 7-9) we have a performance on my birthday!
- My birthday! (April 8th)
- long bike ride to some place far away
- sleep on the beach
- have a party
- take a farry to Oslo (Norway) spend the day there and then come back.
- spend more time in Copenhagen :)
- Pass all my exams!!! :/

hmmm. This post didn't really get anywhere in particular....

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