Monday, November 23, 2009

Life (almost 4 months in)

Hello. It's 4:00 now. I got home from school a little while ago and I have to leave again at 5:00 to go to my first day of level 3 language school. It's already dark out AND it's rainning so I'm not really looking forward to the bikeride over there. The level 3 class actually started last wednesday but I wasn't there becuase I went to another play rehearsal. And when I got there I was told I had been promoted :) Someone couldn't do it anymore so I actually have a real part now with lines that were already in the script. haha. They said they're gonna make sure to make it clear that I don't come from Denmark. and the performances arn't until April so I've got a lot of time to work on it. I'm there less then once a week right now (only on some wednesdays) so it's not time consumming at all yet.

Oprah was here! I think I said that a while back. She was here with Obama back when they were trying to get the Olympics in Chicago. but what I didn't know is that when she came she did a segment for her show, showing what life was like in Denmark. It was a very simplified portrayl of the way people live here, but fun to watch. We don't get Oprah on TV but they still aired it here.
(P.S I didn't take this)

I've been speaking a lot of english the last few day. On Thursday we had an AFS meeting, on Saturday I went with AFS to Copenhagen, and on Sunday we had an American over for lunch and dinner. So let's go from the start:
The meeting with AFS was nice. It had been a while sence I had seen the others (6 in the Køge area) We had pizza then 2 of the exchange students did a presentation about thier home countries. After that, the meeting was directed tword the host families. Talking about next year allready! So we got to go in the other room. We didn't really know what we should do then...but wait, I had my camara with me! so we did what all AFS exchange students do with a camara, we took pictures of us with the AFS flag :) But when that got a little boring I showed them the blvbvlvlvblllvlvb game. haha. that kept us pretty entertained.

On Saturday AFS went to Tivoli. It's a huge amusment park in Copenhagen. We went to see a show called "the crazy christmas cabaret" It was in english, and it's was really funny. The show was at 3:00 so when it was over it was dark out and Tivoli was lite up like crazy! christmas lights everywhere! It was really cool we walked around in Tivoli for a while then went to McD's :D That was deliciouse. After that we just walked around in Copenhagen and had a really fun time :)
Then on Sunday Anders's (my older host brother) friend from the US was here, He was from Chicago. He was only the 2nd American I've been around in the past 3 months. It was kinda funny. Anyway, It's Monday again and I'm back into the Danish mode. (minus writting this blog post) but I've got to go. I have 4 more hours of school :( Bye.


Andy E said...

Joseph. Din blog er nice. Jeg kan lide billeder af mig. Tak for at vise hele verden. :) Jeg håber du har det godt. Vi ses snart bror (som amerikanerne siger

Joe Cavanaugh said...

haha. Tak :)

Anonymous said...

the christmas lights reminded me of when we looked at the houses on washington last year. we'll have to do that again next year. but we'll dress more warmly and bring hot chocolate =]


Joe Cavanaugh said...

:) good idea