Thursday, December 3, 2009

December means Christmas!

So when I started thinking today about what my next post would be about I noticed that a lot of little things can happen in 10 days. I think i should start writing stuff down even before I blog, because now that I'm sitting here I know I'm gonna forget some things...
Lets start with Thanksgiving. Obviously mine was a little bit differn't this year. To tell the truth I actually went through the whole school day and much of the evening without it even crossing my mind! It wasn't until Mor got home around 5pm that I realized. she came in the door with a "Happy Thanksgiving!" and I was like ,whaauhooo. Good thing there's a 6 hour time differnece, cuz I was calling home! Thanksgiving is always at my house so I got to talk to everyone. That was really nice:) I called right as people started showing up so I could always here "Hi"s and voices I knew in the backround.
Danes don't celibrate Thanksgiving of corse. So the people here dont have anything stoping them from celibrating christmas as soon as possible. They have a thing here called Christmas lunches. people have them with differnt "groups" in and around christmas. You do them with your families, class, and any sport or club your in, and adults do them with work. They start having them in November and some of them are even after Chritmas (we have a family one on Dec. 29 I think) The day after Thanksgiving, they did the tree lighting in Køge. It was pouring down rain and it was supposed to be at 5 but I think Santa was tired of waiting up in the cherry picker in the freezing rain so it was 12 minutes early...many complaints for that..tsk tsk. (?) An old lady came up to me and started babling about how they should have waited for her to come out of the store. haha.
Town Square the next day. The tree is in the middle.

That night I went to a party with some of the kids from my class and I got a free haircut! There was a girl there who was in beauty school and I agreed to let her cut it. Considering the circumstances (passed midnight at a danish party) It turned out pretty great, and it was free :) and haircuts are expensive here. Then on Saturday I went to Rasmus's house with Simon. We ate dinner there and had a christmas-ish party. It's wierd being in the Christmas spirit so early...

Last weekend I went with Mor and Far to get a Christmas tree. 2 actually (one for inside and one for outside). Christmas trees are differnt here. They're a lot more....whimpy. They're all short and bare, not like the ones we get! I was the one who cut it down, and as I was doing it I started thinking about when I was little, and how my brothers and sister and I would all take turns cutting it a little bit. It seemed to take forever, and when it finally started to fall we would run out of the way. Then all of a sudden I had cut through the whole thing and I stopped it from falling over with one arm...Then we put it in the trunk. haha.
In the USA people go crazy with christmas lights outside thier houses. Here, that pretty rare. But they go decoration crazy on the inside! Last weekend Mor pulled out a a bunch of huge boxes all filled with christmas decorations and now they've been pucked out all over the house. Not that it looks bad. Just very christmasy :) Like I said, it's a little early for me. haha.

Ok. I've got 2 funny stories for you. I'm not sure If they were "you had to be there" type stories but I'm gonna write them down anyway so I have them for me.

#1 I made dinner last night. And after a few weeks of not messing anything up it had to end somewhere. I made black beans and rice as a side for chicken. I missed it and wanted some so I found a recepy on line and made it. But I used some wierd asain rice we had and followed the instructions for white rice. (I'm dumb) They were way over-cooked and then when I mixed it in with the beans and stuff it was just...not the way it was supposed to look. So anyway, when people went to take some it came out in huge solid clumps. Mor asked Far to give her some,...He took one clump, put it on the plate the looked in the bowl and said "Would you like one rice or two rice?" I thought that was soooo funny. But now that I right it it sounds kinda dumb. Maybe you had to be there.

#2 I was walking through the down town area in Solrød to the train station after school today and as I was doing so, a cha-cha line of maybe 60 people came marching out of an office buliding and onto the street. They were all dressed like pirates and they had pirate flags and swords and stuff. I don't know if it was becuase it was Friday or if it was some kinda of weird Christmas party but...ya. They did a big loop around the christmas tree in the town square and I was aproching, ready to pass them, as they came around the other side. But then all of a sudden the lady in the front with a bongo just fell to the ground. And I think she maybe fainted becuase she wasn't really moving very much. As I walked by the fun kinda stopped they all kinda ran into each other and looked toward the front like...what the heck? I was alone and I STILL couldn't help but just bursting out laughing after I had passed by and the whole event regesterd in my head.

So ya, that was that. I'm sure I'm forgetting something but I think this is good enough :)

hohoho! Merry Christmas!
P.S. This cat likes to hang out outside our school. We let him inside on Wednesday! He likes hugs :) haha

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