Thursday, December 17, 2009

The snow is here

I've been so teired of this cold wet rainy danish weather , and for the first time in my life, I really really wanted snow....a lot of snow. And last night we got it! It snowed like crazy! REAL snow, and it stuck and it's still here. It was soo nice....But then I had to get on my bike and ride all the way into town to the station for school :( My bikes not really cut out for...well, anything. I got outside this mornning, (still dark and windy and blazing snow) hopped on my bike and got half way out of my naborhood when the break jammed and my back tire wouldn't go around anymore. So I walked it to Fakta, (a grocery store) locked it and walked the rest of the way. As I was walking I was surprised to see how many people were still doing the same thing. Regardless of the weather, everyone was still out just dealing with it. Danes are really earth friendly, aware, healthy people. haha. Seriously, you would never see people out in that kind of weather in Michigan. Even if we got people to ride bikes or walk more, the second that crap weather came they would be back in their cars. Not the Danes. They're hard core.
Walking is a lot slower then biking so I was sure I had missed my train. But nope! When I got to the station there was a crazy amount of people waiting to get on it. The rails were icey so the train haddent been running and the 3 that come before mine were cancled. So when the train finally came it was packed! I was laughing to myself in K√łge, the first stop, but no one really gets off at the first few stops and there were just as many people waiting at those ones. By the time we were to the stop before mine it was just redicualous. We were litterly squished angenst each other. You couldn't not let people in when the door open so we just squished more. People were missing there stops becuase it was impossible to move out of the way. I wanted to take a picture (haha) but I was to squished to get my hand in my pocket...hmm fun times.

I think that this year is the earliest I've ever been in the Christmas spirit. It's almost imposible not to be when it's Decemeber in Denmark! There's christmas music playing everywhere, I pass 3 gaint christmas trees on the way to school, and everyone is just so...peppy. Plus all the christmas parties and food traditions around now. They have this little Christmas cookie called a peppernut. It's really just a gingerbread cookie the size of a penut but they are really good, and they're everywhere! We had a Christmas party thing for the Musical last night and we had a peppernut eating contest. haha. My team won! Then today in school the classroom door flew open and a bunch of kids with santa hats and beards came running in screeming christmas songs and chucking hand fulls of peppernuts at us and at the walls and ceiling and then they were gone again in well under 20 seconds....that was crazy...It makes me feel bad for any Danish exchange student living in the US or something. I don't think anyone has more christmas spirit. Tomorrow I'm just going to school for a few hours for a Christmas party then I'm on break! Yay. I'll wait to update again until after Christmas Day...unless something crazy awesome happens first.

Merry Christmas! (again)

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