Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Stories

Hey! I just posted the one bellow this a second ago but I forgot something that I really wanted to put in my blog. Earlier this week our english teacher gave us an assingnment to write a story about christmas in 55 words or less. (thats not very much) The next day he gave us each a copy of every storie we had come up with (we were in groups) And we read them all and discussed them all together....hahaha. It was the best time I've ever had in english class. Some of them were soooo funny.....

The Curious Red Light:

A little red light in the snow lit up the dark forrest. A hunter called Carl got frightent and ran as fast as he could through the forrest, though he couldn't escape the red light. Carl grabed his gun and shot at the red light. The next morning Rudolf was missing :( THE END (there is a picture. I wish I could put that on

About Christmas:

It was a christmas morning. The snow was falling down. The children run out and play in the snow. A man saw the two children and through a snowball right at boys head. His head was belding, but the man walked away. An ambulance came out of the blue. Who called the ambulan?

Search of the Christmas Spirit:

Thomas walk down the street. But suddently nine goblins and one big midget tump down from the big tree. The big midget gave Thomas a lollipop. Then alll the goblins hug Thomas, but the big midget kick Thomas right in the balls and say Merry Christmas :) THE END

haha! That last one was my favorit. OK thats all. Just pretend this was part of the last post. Bye :D

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