Friday, June 25, 2010


It is the end :/ Tomorrow is Saturday and I will be saying goodbye to my host family and be left at the goodbye camp in Copenhagen, then I'm flying out Sunday morning. That means today, Friday, is my final day in K√łge. This evening is the last time we eat together, and tonight is the last time I sleep here. I can say that, "this is the last...." over and over again about everything but I know I still don't get it. I probably won't get it until tomorrow, maybe Sunday. We've been so busy with so much stuff here, It just doesn't feel like I'm about to leave tomorrow in the middle of all of it. But my bag's are packed, my walls are empty, and my bedroom looks like a guest room. It's sad.

A lot has happend the last few days, cool stuff I should blog about. But I don't really have the energy to sit and write about all of it now. I'll try to once I'm in the states again.

this is my last post from this country!


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