Monday, June 21, 2010

Goodbye Party

Once again quite a bit has happend latley. I've been to Copenhagen in the rain...twice, saw "Youth in Revolt", had a picnic, started packing, went to some goodbye parties, and held my own goodbye party on Friday.
It turned out really well. With about 35 of my closest friends out in a giant tent in my backyard:) Anne is graduating this year too, so they are gonna use the tent for her party next week (after I'm gone). My host mom and I were working on "night food" the whole day, rapping weenies in bread doe and making pizzas and cookies. It all tasted really good. It was a realy nice party. My class took turnes giving speaches about me hah. and my host family wrote a song about me! It's a danish tradition when you have a big party for one person. People make them for importiant birthdays, comfermation, and stuff like that. And there was a kid from the musical who came
with his guitar and played while everyone sang. It was fun.

I only have 5 days left now and I can't see myself really having a chance to blog about much. But tonight is our last day of lanuge school/party. I'm finally done, and I just got 12 on my oral exam (which is the best you can get!) That was a good way to end it :) tomorrow is my last exam at the Gymnasium, that one will probably not end to well :/ and on Wednesday I'm going out to eat with my family for St. Hans day. It's the longest day of the summer and in the middle ages they would burn a "witch" on that day. Now we just have a big fire on the beach :) Anne graduates on the 24th, and the 25th is my last full day here in K√łge. I'll try to blog one more time before I get home. then I'll write a couple there too.

We are allowed twice as much logage this time. Which is good, I need the space!

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