Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 Months In

I've been here for 2 whole months now! Time has no meaning to me anymore. Things just happen. Somtimes a lot of things happen, somtimes nothing happens. It's gone by so fast so far but when I look back I see a lot of things. I really HAVE been here that whole time. And I'm very happy to say that I've yet to be sad. They kept on telling us that the first 2 months or so would be the hardest and that we would really have to push our way through it. But honestly, I've glided through these first 2 months like an aimless little bird (hahaha) Where am I? I don't even know how I got to this point...

A lot of little things have happend sense the last time I blogged. Nothing big enough for me to remeber my camara for...Oh! but hey! I won a contest that I didn't even know I was in. Remember in my last blog when I talk about how I went with Far to the water tower? When we were there we had to fill out some form (just our names, e-mailes, things like that) I didn't know what it was for...didn't really care either. But I got a call on Friday and this lady said I won a conoe trip for 4 ,and lunch at some local resturant. Yay me! I don't know when I'll be able to use it. We're booked the next few weeks. By the time I'm free it'll be really cold.

Mor had her birthday yesterday. We didn't make a huge deal of it (it was a tuesday so everyone was pretty busy) But we all manged to get up at the same time to eat breakfast together. Danish birthdays are very patriotic. We had little Danish flags all over the table and one big one standing at the end. Far got some fresh bread from the bakery...mmmm. Before we all left for the day Far, Simon, and me paraided through the kitchen with gifts and a Danish flag and atempted to sing the Danish birthday song. (haha) It's really long, and costumized depending on who you sing it to. We might go out to eat on Sunday for Mors birthday. I'm not sure yet...

...hmmm I think It's time to make a list of random things that have happend or will happen. I've got a lot of little things to let you in on, but no time to write a here:

- We had a movie night here last Friday with Simons friends.
- On Sunay we went to watch Rasmus play football.
- Simon's bike got stolen right off our porch last night!
- Language school is moving a lot faster, It's getting really hard.
- I have an AFS camp this weekend. It's at my school!
- I'm going white water rafting in Sweden next month!
- I'm gonna be in a Musical!..or on tech. It depends on how good my Danish is come spring :)
- We have "fall break" coming up and we're going to Jutland! (the big part of Denmark)
- I'm going to 2 differn't schools for a week each (one of them is farm school...I think)
-This is my last free day to speek english!
- I've gotta go study my Danish!

wooh. This could have been a very long blog. haha. Don't worry. I'll elaborate on the good stuff as It comes. And I'll blog when I can ( I don't know when that will be, I'm gonna be really busy)


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Anonymous said...

With all the things that you are talking about I see no mention of all of the running that you are doing to keep in shape for next year. I know that is uppermost in your mind. Ha! Ha!
It sounds like things are doing great for you. Enjoy the experience.

Pat Geraghty