Tuesday, September 15, 2009

News/ Stories/ Random Pictures

Hey! It's been too long...

Here's some NEWS:

My blog is on the AFS website now! Thats really cool becuase that means future exchange students will be reading it, but It's also kind of intimidating becuase now I have to make sure I blog often...and spell things right :D The website is http://afsblog.org/ There are a lot of blogs on there writen by AFS exchange students from the US who are now all over the world. They're fun to read. And to any new readers I might have now becuase of that: be an exchange student! If it's somthing your considering, this is the perfect time to start taking action and applying for next year.

Here's some STORIES:

#1: I went to my first Gymnasium party last weekend! Which was really cool becuase I didn't think I would get to go to any sense I'm placed in the 10th Grade. But sense Anne goes there she was allowed to bring two guests: Me and Simon. What a nice host sister:) But then......Simon got sick a few days before the party :( I felt kind of bad becuase I think he might have gotten it from me. I had a little cold last week and then got over, but then he got it worse. When he stayed home from school on Friday, Mor said he couldn't go to the party that night. Which is fair of course but the-- who would I go with if Ann was doing her own thing and Simon was sick? The answer: NO ONE. I felt so dumb walking up there alone, with no plans to meet anyone... But it was so much fun! When I got there I spotted familair faces almost imediatly. Kids from my class, other kids from my school, and just random people I had met before. I also met a lot of new people and just had a really fun time. It was like prom or homecoming at home, except the dress was more casual, and there was a BAR! (and the DJ was better)....
#2: This week at school, we started our first week of "bridge building" It just means we take a week away from the school and go do real life things (!) We have 5 or 6 weeks like this spread out throughout the year. So we're only 2 days in buy I can tell you what we've done so far: On Monday we met at the businuss school (at 11:oo I might add) and they gave ua a tour and talked a lot in Danish...which I can only even really try to understand when I have a lot of energy. The business school is really cool though. It's fancey and arcitectual... and they have belconys on the second floor classrooms that kids were smoking on. (haha)...Today we met at Køge stadium and played football (soccer). I dont know what day 1 and day 2 had in common but maybe I'll find out tommorow(?), We'll be meeting at the businuss school again.


This is what I eat here!...sometimes. Its called an open face sandwitch...yummm

These cows live right by the beach.....very lucky cows :D

Those are jellyfish! Thats the differance between the ocean and the sea...well, kind of.

This toilet is one of 3 I've seen instaled in public, around Køge....don't ask me.

Our beautiful house! Blåbarvej 13... Thats Blueberry road in english :)


~Amy~ said...

Joe! I got my Birthday card! It made my day! Thank You! You're so sweet.
Now I have your address, but how much did that cost to send? Probably not too cheap.
I miss you too, mostly when I'm at mom and dad's and you're not there. But then I read your blogs and get JEALOUS!
I'm glad you are having such a good time.

Joe Cavanaugh said...

Hey I'm glad you got it. It wasn't much at all. Just a lot of stamps that we already had here :)

Crisy said...

Wow, you blog is super special awesome! Hey....aren't you a theater kid? Well anyways I am. But I'm also a future exchange student for 2011-2012 year!!! XD Denmark is in my top 3 choices....so I really enjoy your blog even though it's not completely recent. Thanks a bunch! :D