Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's September!

Hey. It's good to hear that I have a lot of readers now. I think you should all know that I suck at spelling. The spell check here is in Danish so just live with the mistakes. I think you'll be able to figure out what I'm trying to say :D....most of the time.

I can't believe that September is here! It's crazy. And you can tell when you look outside. It's been hot and clear sense I've been here and I've been wondering where this Danish weather is? It's here now. RAIN....but not to cold. The rain has been a good thing today though. With my sport (idræt) class we played this big running game in the woods today. We had a partener and we had to take a map and run through the forest raceing to check points. It was like a reality TV show. Sport class here is nothing like phys. ed. back home. It's so much fun! We came in second and finished at 9:30 and we had till 11:30. so I went home, and here I am now. I have to go back at 12:00 for Math and English.

On Tuesday, after language school, I called home!. It was nice. It was only 3:30 there so my dad wasn't home but I got to talk to mike, mom, and kora, my cousin. When I call back in a month or so I'll make sure it's on a Sunday. Then maybe they'd all be home. But it was really nice to talk to them. It's a lot easier than e-mail.

And I made dinner for the first time yesterday! The way it works here, with my host family, is that everyone has a night to make dinner. You ride your bike to the store, get what you need, and then make it. We dont keep a bunch of food stored in the house. Sense I've been here I've just but doing it together with Simon but now it's all me on Wednesdays. We had potatoes, pork, and salad....I thought it was good.

I've started running again! I would run every once and a while last month but I was always so busy...and tired! Some time last week I started running everyday. Ooohh. I feel so much better, just generaly, when I run regularly. And I'm gonna start swimming with Simon! It's just once a week for fun. You can compeate if you want to but he doesn't. I don't know if I will yet.

So now that it's been more than a month I'm really settled, I'm really happy, and I'm working really hard. Not really in school but on the language, on being social, on using Danish, on making friends, and on making myself happy. The more I think about all the things I want to acomplish here, the shorter and shorter one year seems. I dont have much time here and I really think I'm learning to work hard and be disciplined. Which is somthing I really didn't know back home. There are a lot of things I have to do, that I don't really want to to do, in order to get what I want... but I'm gonna do them!

Well it's time for me to go back to school...and it's pouring now...and my bike is busted up. But I'm glad I got to blog. keep reading. I'll write again after the weekend.

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