Monday, August 31, 2009

Køge Festuge

Køge festuge translates to: Køge party week. I wrote a little about it the last time a blogged but let me start by saying things have been a little crazy sence Wednesday. Our house has been like a bed and breakfast. I havent been able to keep track of who's who is sleeping here. There were extra people for breakfast every morning. Anne had 2 friends sleep here Wednesday night so they were here Thursday morning. Then on Thursday the Germans came. It was 2 men, not kids (thats what I wrote in my last post), and they were here to perform at Køge Festuge. They were in the band with mor and Anne. (orcestra) They stayed here Thursday, Friday...and maybe Saturday night, I can't remember. And we also had 2 other Danes who were in the band stay here on Friday and Saturday night. Dinner at night was crazy! Mor warned me that she wouldn't be talking to me much becuase she had to speek German to the Germans and she couldn't do 2 foreign languages AND Danish all at the same time. But I talked with the others so we had 3 languages going at the same time at the same table every night! Now THATS what I came here for!...haha. It was fun.

In the midst of all this, we were all very busy. After I got home from my trip on Wednesday, Simon and I went down town to Køge Festuge. Every night a differnt Danish band performed for FREE in the town square. They had the town square closed to cars and there was a huge stage set up in the middle. There was also a moon walk, and Euro-bunjy, and a bunch of food and beer tents. But we had school the next day so we didn't stay to long.

On Thursday I had a full day of school with language school in the evening so I didn't get to go down town, But we went on Friday! There was a huge Danish pop band playing and their consert was really elaberate and....POPy. It was fun. I danced with a drunk Asian women :)

On Saturday morning Simon, far, and I went to an AFS picnic for the AFSers in and around Køge (there are only 6 of us). It was nice to see some of the kids from the arrival camp again and to see how they were doing. The park we went to had a bunch of middle age Danish games. We had a guy show us how to play them all. They were....pretty interesting, but we had a lot of fun together. After, we had tea and cake and coffe (very danish). We all desided we were gonna meet up that night at Køge Festuge. AQUA would be playing! "I'm a barbie girl...." I went with Simon first and we met up with some of the same people from Friday. Then all of us went to meet the other exchange students: Andy from the US, Lenart from Germany, and Jesper from Denmark( he had been on exchange in Argentina). The town square was more crowded than It had been all week. People came from all over the place to see AQUA!

kind of a bad picture....

After the concert we were herded over to harbor for fireworks! It was a great finale to an awesome "party week" in Køge and I was tired!....among other things.

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