Monday, August 17, 2009

New York

Hey! So I haven't even really started this blog yet and I'm already behind. I'm in Denmark! and I'm pretty much settled in. I've been living here for more than two weeks now! Sense I have so much to write I decided I would break this up into separate posts. Starting with New York: It was amazing! I've wanted to go there for such a long time.

We drove from Michigan. It was Me, my brother Mike, my sister Amy, and my mom :) It took us about 10 hours to get there. But It flew by for me. I had already said goodbye to half my family and I only had a few days left with the rest of them. The whole New York trip went by in a second. But it was really memorable. We drove through mountians on the way over... out the back window...

Me and Mike...
So we got to New York late on monday night, but we were hungry so we walked from our Hotel to a little pizza place and had some real New York pizza. It was delicious. mmm. peperonie and grease :)
Then for Tuesday my mom got us tickets for a bus tour called "On Board New York". It was perfect. We only hade one full day in the city and that was a great way to see everything. I recomend it if your going to New York for the first time. We saw so many places and it was over by 3pm!

My first view of Manhattan, right off the subway...

The Statue of Liberty...
Theatre is one of my favorit things, so of course I wanted to see a show. We didn't get tickets for anything in advance so I was going to try to find some rush/last minute tickets with my mom. Mike and Amy decided they wanted to go to some comedy show so It was just me and mom:) I wanted to try to get into "Next to Normal" It's a new musical that I've heard a lot about, and it has awesome music. But when we got to the box office they were sold out...and so was Billy Eliot...Shrek...and basiclly every show I had in mind.
So we were walking down the street and we passed the marqui for "In the Heights" A modern musical I had never really heard much about except that it won "best musical" last year, and a buch of other awards. As we walked by they told us to fill out these forms to try and get front row seat for $25 dollars (and for those of you who dont know thats about 80% off!)The drawing was at 5. It was 4:56. I quickly filled out the form, put my name in the bin, they took the bin, and pulled my name!!! 2 front row seats to the best musical of 2008!!! what luck.
We were literaly right under the actors. I could feel the spray from their spit! It was amazing. And it was a really crazy show. It was so differnt. They were rapping and dancing and the music was sooo pictures though :) that would be illegal. Look it up.

Time Square at night...

My mom and I after the show.
So the next day, Wednesday, is the day I would say goodbye to my family. My AFS orientation started at 3pm at some private Collage in Queens. We managed to take the subway to central park before I had to go. It was so hot out!
After that, I took all my stuff and we drove to my orientation site. It was so wierd saying goodbye, but I was really excited. The orientation started that evening and went on through Friday. We left for the airport on friday afternoon. There were only 6 of us. Me, from Michigan, a girl from Alaska, a girl from Cunneticut, A guy from California, a guy from Wisconsin, and a guy from NY.....And we were off!

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