Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Week (condensed)

Hey. This week went by pretty fast. It's Wednesday and the last time I blogged was Wednesday. I had a really fun week. Here it is, condensed: WEDNESDAY: So after I blogged I rode my bike to the train station to meet my class. We took the train into Copenhagen then switches onto a metro sytem thats only about 5 years old so it was really nice and "high tech" looking. We took that to this new area in Copenhagen were all the buildings are really modern looking. We went to this big outdoor sports place in the middle of it all. The coolest thing there was this big cement playground. haha. Thats not really what it was but I forget the name of it now, but your supposed to jump from one thing to another like an urban monkey! haha

After that we went to the biggest mall in Denmark, Feilds. It's in the same area and also very new. I didn't buy anything there but I got a taste of how expensive things can be here. No pictures of that. After the trip I went to the beach with Simon and some of his friends and we got giant ice cream :) no pictures of that either.

THURSDAY: As far as I can remember thursday was just another day. I went to school during the day and had language school at night, which is somthing I havent talked about yet. Every Tuesday and Thursday I ride my bike to the language school and have class from 5:20 to 9:00. It's long! But ts been really helpfull. There are 7 people in my class. 3 of us are exchange students with AFS and the rest are adults who have moved to Denmark. I'm always starving when I get home.

FRIDAY: On friday I went to school 8 to 9:45. haha. We got off really early. So I went back to bed when I got home. Then I think I got up and studied my Danish. After that Simon and I went to Rasmus' house (one of Simon's friends) We ended up staying the night and we watched the Extended Edition of Gladiador. It was really, really long.

SATURDAY: Hey, so I forgot to mention that earlier in the week I got invited to a party on Saturday! A girl in my class, Stina, who lives in Herfølge invited me. Ya! So I left Rasmus' around noon and I went with Anne to buy some beer for this party. It's so weird that I can just go buy alcohol now. haha. After that me, Anne, and Rasmus went to watch Simon play soccer. I think they won 12-1. haha. They did good. Anne was having a party of her own at home that night. Mor and Far were in Germany and sense I wasn't going to be home, Simon could have some friends over too. Anne kept her party down stairs and we stayed up stairs mostly. After we ate, Philip, from my class came over. We hung out with Simons friends for a little while then the two of us left and took the bus to Herfølge, were Stina lives.... And well....I had a really good time.

And just for the record I think I was very safe. I dont want anyone back home worrying that I'm gonna get into trouble this year now that I have this freedom. Denmark is a safe place, the buses are safe, the people I'll be with are safe, I'm smart, and I wont do anything illegal. If I do mess up, then I'll learn from it. But I dont plan on messing up so don't worry ;)

SUNDAY: On Sunday morning I was back home, but not in bed. There was still a party here till around 5. Woowhoo. I slept a few hours, and the rest of the day was kind of a blur.....

MONDAY: On monday morning my class left for a canoe trip! We had so much fun, and I learned so much Danish. We took the school bus somewhere south of Køge and set up camp. On monday we just played some games and cooked some food. It was nice.

TUESDAY: On Tuesday we got up early and got in the river! We canoed most of the day and stopped for lunch about half way. When we ended we were in Næstved. A town in southern Zealand. From there the bus took as back to camp and we made dinner again. It was a fun day...with a lot of splashing and crashing.

WEDNESDAY: Today, havn't done much. We got up and took down camp. We were out of there pretty early but I did manage to get my face and hair lit on fire this morning befor we left. We were making a camp fire and someone thru some lighter fluid type stuff in it. It exploded right in my face! It didn't hert. It was actually pretty funny, but the front of my hair is all singged now so I'm gonna need a hair cut. haha. Of course by the end of a trip like that, no matter how fun, your ready to go home. Your ready to take a nice long shower and sleep in your own bed. The cool thing is, that for me, that place was my home here, in Køge! and it feels good to be home.

THE NEXT FEW DAYS: So, "Køge Fest" I haven't talked about this yet but it started in my town while I was gone. It's a series of free concerts and parties in the town square this week. There's a concert every night of the week. I might go tonight. Everyone say's the good stuff starts on Tursday but I'll have language school. So I'll for sure go on Friday and Saturday. Aqua is playing on Saturday!!! haha. You know the song: "Barbie Girl" ??? Thats them. haha. They're gonna be playing in the street, just a few blocks from my house, so that'll be fun :D
Also we're having 3 German kids coming to stay with us tommorow (?) I dont know how long they're staying and I can't say I remember why, and there's no one here to ask, but...that should be fun :)...This has been a long blog post, I hope it wasnt boring. bye!


Morgan Hoxsie said...

Joe, it sounds like you go to schoo for like an hour and then just party in Denmark! It all sounds like so much fun! Life here in Michigan is not ery exciting compared to DEnmark but we will be heading to the Island next weekend!

Helle said...

I just wanted to make it clear ! NOT every Danish girl is like that ! Some of us actually date for some time before we ....