Monday, August 17, 2009

Arrival Camp

Ok so, arrival camp: It was so much more fun than I thought it would be. We arrived very early on Friday morning and I was very jet lagged. For us it was about 2am, but we had a whole day in front of us, and I was determined to stay up all day to get myself on Danish time. The 6 of us from the USA were the first to arrive in the morning. So we spent most of that day just sitting around and meeting everyone as they came in. We were also supposed to prepare some kind of entertainment to share with everyone the US culture...but we were very tierd...We should have come up with somthing better.
By the end of the day there were 160 somthing kids from 33 differnt countries! It was crazy. We all ate together. Then it was time for the US kids to share with everyone the entertainment we were working on all day!...we really didn't have anything. haha. We each just talked a little bit about the state we came from...tried to be funny. It was really lame. But it got so much better from there!
The next two days we spent all of our time making friends with people from all over the world. I learned soooo much about everything (especially Denmark) The whole camp was in English. And just incase you didn't know: EVERYONE speaks it. I feel so lucky to have it as my first language but at the same time I feel so worthless just speeking one. Well, that'll change soon enough.
The camp was hosted entierly by young people. I thought that was really cool becuase they had all been on exchange pretty recently. They were really helpfull. We learned sAdd Videoome Danish, ate Danish food for breakfast, lunch. and dinner. And we sat there and listend to the Danish leaders speaking Danish to each other...very fun.
At the end of each day, the 6 of us from the US would have wierd accents. It was a mix of New Zealand, and some english as a second language type thing. It was kind of annoying, but at the same time amusing. I had no idea accents could rub of that quickly. and then I'd be speaking normaly by morning...kind of.
So even though this camp bound as to the grounds of a random grade school in a suburb of Copenhagan. And even though we had to sleep on the floor every night with a bunch of people we didn't know, and even though we were all extremely jet lagged. I think it was one of the best experiences I've had so far....ever. It was a big celebration. Each and every one of us was alone, but we were all together, and we were all FINALLY in Denmark!!!!

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