Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting used to school

So I'm finally kind of all cought up with this thing. I've been sitting at the computer scense I got home from school and I've done every post scence "New York" in one sitting. It was wierd to start school at the begining of Auguest becuase If I was back home, I would'nt be starting till about A week into September. So this really is the middle of the summer for me. But luckly my school is very interesting to me so I would much rather go there then sit at home:)
I'm in what they call here 10th grade. And yes I would be in 11th at home in the US but things are very differnt here. The kids in the 10th grade are 16 like me or turning 16 soon. And my school starts with very young kids. What we would call pre-schoolers :) It's really wierd to see little kids running around when my class is taking thier smoke break. And yes, we have random 10 minute breaks in the middle of the day were I would say at least 50% of my class go smoke a cig. 10th grade is opptional here. You go to "grade school" until 9th grade (our 10th) then everyone does somthing different: you could start at a business school if you know thats what you want to do. You could stop going to school. You could go to a boarding school and specialize in a specific type of education. You could start at gymnasium (upper high school/collage type thing. 3 year program) you could be an exchange student. Or if you feal that you realy arn't ready to do any of those thing yet, you go to 10th Grade. So it might sound like a place for kids who just want to slack off but It's really not. It's just a bunch of kids who dont know what they want to do yet.
In the 10th grade you choose a "line" which is like a path of study. And two days out of the week your scedual is based around that thing. I chose sport. Not very academicly challenging but hey, I don't speek Danish. You do a lot of fun things with you line and go on trips. This winter I'll be going skiing in Austria with the sports line in my school! And I also might spend a week in Holand, going to school there:) So cool!
On the other school days I stay in one room with the same 30 people. Every hour or so a differnt teacher will come in and teach us a new subject. The scuduel is differnt every day of the week and some days I get out as early as 11:20. And I get out at 12:45 every Friday! It's great. I got out at 1:30 today.
As an exchange student I like having one class. We'll really get to know each other. I've been there for a week now so I have aquaintances but I'm still working on actuall friends. haha. Being with the same people all day makes it a lot easier.
So...this is probebly a pretty confusing and misspelled blog post but I'm not gonna go into any more detail. I'm done with this for now. But I'll make a blog about my town soon. I went around and took a bunch of pictures the other day so I'll put those up within the week. I'm going to Copenhagen with my class on Wednesday, so that'll be fun. I'm doing great! I love it here....bye.

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