Monday, August 17, 2009

My First Week

So I don't know if I mentioned this already but my host family wasnt in Denmark when I got there. They were in the USA ironically enough. And whats even crazier as that they were in a city in Ohio thats only about 2 hours from my house in Michigan. So they got to visit my family! Which is crazy becuase they were meeting my family before I even met THEM. And this was on the day the arrival camp ended, so I was picked up by Christian, a cousin, and he took me to his house where I met his wife Lee and their one year old little girl.
We had a very Danish dinner there and my oldest host brother Anders came. He left the States early becuase he had to come back and take a test. He doesn't live at home. He's a student in Copenhagan. He took me to Køge (my new home) and I hung out with him for the rest of the week. We road our bikes around town and he showed me all the cool places. Then one day we went to Copanhagen, the capital, were Anders lives. It was a lot of fun. It all looked so old and European. I met one of Anders's friends and we hung out in a big park.

The coolest thing we did in Copenhagen was going to Christania. It's within the city but it's actually not even part of Europe. It was "conquered" by hippies a while back and people are free to sell and smoke pot on the streets, and they don't all pay Danish taxes. Its a really cool looking place. Everything is painted, or spray painted with bright colors and the houses are mostley "home made." Takeing pictures was forbiden on the main streets but I got some good pictures of some less crazy areas.

At the end of the week, Anders an I went to the airport to pick up my host family. Which is kinda a wierd way of meeting your host family, picking them up at the airport after you've already been living in thier house for a week. But I was really happy to have finally met them. After that Anders left, I started to settle in with my family, and before I knew it: the first day of school....

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